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A lot of people struggle with feelings of incapability, they fear they lack the ability, the strength and plain boldness to perform.

This is far from the truth, more often than not these downcast thoughts and feelings do not reflect who we are, they are only a model of the unfavourable experiences we may have encountered, and again not a reflection of who we are.

Say, the bowl used to fetch water from a drum scattered to the ground while water was been scoped, do you walk away lamenting on how the water is wasted and the bowl is broken or do you return to the drum with a different bowl and fetch again?

A lot of us are guilty of lamenting and playing the victim over the split water and broken bowl when all you need to do is go back to the source of the water and fetch again. You can choose to use a bigger bowl next time.

Sis when you believe you are not good enough, you create a vacuum in your mind that draws in doubt and fear which becomes a high mountain blocking your growth over time.

When you begin to feel like you are not good enough, it’s time to pay attention to your habits, attitude, behaviour, surrounding and most importantly your mindset.

I believe strongly in the power of the mind, what the mind focuses on, grows. What the mind ignores, diminishes. 

So when you focus entirely on feelings of “I am not good enough”,

“I don’t think I’m good enough”,

“Am I enough?”, the mind begins to play to your demands tunes by showing you loopholes that create and enlarge those thoughts to appear like a reality.

First, you need to stop thinking you are not good enough.

As I have already mentioned, accommodating thoughts of “I am not good enough” will dampen your belief in yourself which is bad for your growth and progress.

How do you stop thinking you are not enough.

It’s easy to say “stop thinking you are not enough,” the real question is how do you stop?

Awaken your belief in yourself.

The greatest lesson one can learn is to always believe in themselves.

Note that, this might not come automatically you have to work it out in little steps.

Action Point: Remind yourself you are enough.

Remember and identify the progress you have made.

Verbalize your victory.

For Instance,

  • I singlehandedly built a six-figure business in one year.
  • I built a product that satisfies 80% of the intended need of my target market.
  • I finished Magna cum lade from college.
  • I sold out over 2000 products in 2 weeks.
  • I sponsored myself all through college.
  • I won the award of…(list them)

Sis by verbalizing your victory you recall how excellently well you have performed in the past and this motivates you to perform again and remind yourself that you are good enough.

you are enough

Know that you are good enough

Don’t let anyone lie to you that you are not good enough.

Most importantly, don’t believe the lie you tell yourself that you are not good enough.

Let me show you why I believe strongly that you are good enough.

You are human with a powerful mind blessed having numerous capabilities.

Are you human?

Do you have a mind?

Can you identify just one thing you can do? Anything at all.

If all the answers are yes. Then you don’t need any other proof to convince you you are enough. All you need to do is believe it. You are enough woman!

How does believing you are enough better your life? /What advantage do you have for believing you are enough?

Believing you are enough improves your confidence among people.

“Don’t dilute yourself for any person or any reason. You are enough! Be unapologetically you.”

Steve Maraboli

For certain people, the struggle of them believing they are not enough arises from their encounters and fallouts with other people.

A superior disapproves of your work and doubt whether you are good enough.

A close friend leaves your life and you believe it’s because you are not good enough for him/her.

But I bring you words from Maya Angelou, with the hope it will quench those damaging concerns of yours.

“You alone are enough. You have nothing to prove to anybody.”

Maya Angelou.

Yes yess, you are enough woman. Don’t harbour the responsibility to prove yourself to anyone because the weight will sink you to the ground.

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Believing you are enough makes you open to receiving.

The concept of receiving has as much value as giving.

They say givers never lack. How will they never lack? When they make room to receive, receive far more than they have given.

If you need love, how do you get it? You receive.

Do you need help? You receive.

You need assistance. You receive.

Do you need guidance? You receive.

Learn to receive, do not only focus your attention on giving! When you receive, you can give more.

Receiving helps you replenish what you give out, ensuring you don’t run dry.

Conversely, believing you are enough increases your confidence to receive. Receive love, care, help, and assistance. Etc

“It’s about waking up in the morning and saying: No matter what gets done and how much it’s done and how it’s done, I’m enough and I’m worthy of belonging and love and joy.”

Brene Brown.

Believing you are good enough fosters your growth and productivity.

Imagine Susan and Bridget fail to make the basketball team on their first trial. However, Susan concludes she is not sport-talented enough and fails to try again the next session. Bridget on the contrary takes extra practice after class, applies again and made the team this time.

What separates both girls? First off, their mindsets.

Their different mindsets separated them into two groups. The winning group and the other group. What group do you want to belong to?

To fit into the winning group you must discard any mindset of “you are not good enough.”

Because I tell you again you are good enough woman.

No need to ask “How can I be enough” because you already are. Know this today.

How to know if you are enough. X

How do I know if I am enough? X

How do you believe you are enough? X

How to feel good enough? X

Rather, ask questions like:

How can I improve my productivity?

How can I achieve my goals faster and better?

How can I focus my time and energy on the right things?

How can I build my strengths?

you are enough

Believing you are enough helps you discover and use more of your gifts and talents.

You are given a piñata to strike till it breaks, before the game you were told of the priceless gift in the piñata which becomes yours if you break the piñata in 2 minutes. How hard will you strike? With all your might, I am certain.

What if the piñata has the chance of being empty or containing a low valuable gift. How will you strike? Not as hard.

Now, when you believe you are enough you are likened to the piñata containing a priceless gift. The high strikes you hit on the piñata is the amount of energy you will emancipate in discovering your gifts and talents. You become relentless to discover the valuables inside of you.

Why? Because you believe there’s something valuable inside of you.

You believe there’s gold in your piñata.

So yes, go on and strike day after day.

Believing you are enough helps streamline your focus on the right things.

In a noisy world, it becomes challenging to focus on your goals or your plans. Everything struggles for your attention.

When you don’t feel enough you seek answers in different places. You focus on things or activities that make you feel enough. These activities drift your focus away from what really matters to a side distraction, which harms your progress in the long run.

One of my favourite quotes by a pioneering philosopher reads: If you can't say "I am", they won't say "You are."

In essence, people will believe in you when you believe in yourself.

Till next time.

Know that you are good enough, never permit any soul to tell you otherwise. But since you can’t hold their tongues, never believe it.

Avoid looking for reasons to convince yourself you are enough, rather trash any thought or mindset that says you are not enough. Don’t believe that lie.

I believe strongly in you woman, in your strengths, and your capability. Do you believe in yourself?

Remember, you are enough!

If they ask you why ask them why not.

-Woman Arise Shine.

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