don't know what to do


At a point in my life, I was stuck, “I don’t know what to do”, I screamed confused.

I had spent a huge fraction of the day brainstorming my next steps, but nothing came to mind. I realized that I didn’t know what to do, I was clueless. My God, I was finished because how do I even move from here?

Life can get tough, we all experience our tough moments but what separates people is how they handle their tough moments- whether with grit or with the strength of a paper gum.

If you have no one someone pushing you from behind you either push yourself or you let yourself fall-the choice is yours.

Have you ever been at a low point where you didn’t know what to do, despite so much thinking?

The feeling of not knowing what to do is a helpless feeling. One that lights up all shades of confusion in your mind, deepening your fear and ripping you of every feeling of control over your own life, temporarily.

But there can be a way.

How then do you solve the problem of not knowing what to do? This makes our focus in this blog post.

1. Do not panic.

Remain calm, just like the design is never bigger than the designer, the problem is never bigger than the handler.

The problem is not beyond you.

The single thought of not knowing what to do can instigate fear and panic into your mind, when fear enters your mind it cripples your efficient thought process. This in turn translates to a higher degree of not knowing what to do increasing the fear and panic. And there you have it- a cycle.

You don’t know what to do— you panic—-your brain registers the fear—–heightens your feeling of not knowing what to do—-more panic—repeat.

When you realize you don’t know what to do- be calm. This reaction poses as an enforcer of a clearer mind which naturally unlocks solution.

2. Take time off.

Sometimes the best ideas come when you aren’t crushing your brain like a cockroach, in other words, pressurized thinking.

Solutions seldom come when you are straining your eyes staring. Temporarily pause the thought process that increases your pressure.

3. Do the little things.

Yeah, at certain times the “little things” are all you need.

Go for a walk, go to movies, go swimming, attend a music concert, go on a picnic, eat your favourite chocolate/lick your favourite ice cream, have a sleepover with friends, walk your dog….the list is countless.

Engaging in these supposed “little” things reminds you how much peace and relaxation these little things bring into your life.

Does this out rightly solve the problem? No (unless you have an epiphany whilst at it, which is very possible).

On the other hand, your mind is stabilized and your thoughts are cleared up making it easier to see a solution.

don't know what to do

4. Sleep.

Yes, take a nap or long hours of sleep.

Sleep has important benefits to the state of your mind.

Research suggests that proper amounts of sleep can help your brain stay sharper and boosts your power of recall. A well-rested mind makes it a heck of a lot easier for you to remember tasks, and facts and make better decisions. Research shows your shuteye can influence your decisions. Scientists found that a period of unconscious thought can help aid better decision making.

You don’t know what to do? Try sleeping.

You can wake up with the knowledge of what to do.

5. Seek wise counsel.

Don’t try to walk life alone. When you are in a clueless state, seeking out wise advice is a great idea.  Believe it or not, some people know more than you know in life. Engaging their wisdom in a conversation can stimulate your mind to the answers you seek.

Note down 3 to 4 credible figures you can engage, step out of your space and let them in on the struggles you face. What they know can give you a hunch on what to do.

6. Engage in introspection.

Introspection is the process of going inwards to identify layers and compartments of your thoughts and emotions.

The experimental use of introspection is similar to what you might do when you analyze your own thoughts and feelings but in a much more structured manner.

You may feel clueless because of a thought pattern you have. The only way to get rid of that cluelessness is by identifying the causative thought pattern and dissociating it.

7. Ask yourself the right questions.

When questions are asked, answers follow- whether right or wrong answers.

Why do I feel this way?

What exactly is causing me to feel this way?

What can I do?

What is the next easiest thing to do concerning this?

When you ask the right questions you get the answers that help your situation. Also, by asking yourself the right questions, you direct your mind on the right-thinking path

Say you are treasure hunting, and you decide to search lane-A unknowing that the treasure is hidden in Lane C. You may spend 72 hours searching Lane A rigorously, but you will never find the treasure. Why? Because you are searching the wrong lane. Now you go to Lane C and search, it does not matter how long you search because the treasure will be found as long as you keep searching. 

By asking yourself the right questions, you propel your mind to the right lane to think and soon enough you discover your treasure (answer).

9. Do not magnify the problem.

All too often we magnify our own problems because we begin to attach dissimilar scenarios to the problem. Similarly, panic thinking expands the way you see the problem meanwhile the problem remains the same size. 

In this situation, think of a way out and don’t focus your mind on the problem at hand.

10. Use affirmations.

You need to jerk your mind out of wallowing in misery and panic into a place of boldness and courage. One sure way to do this is by using affirmations.

Words carry energy; speaking words with positive energy to your hearing transmits that positive energy into you which keeps motivated and hopeful.

I am smart.

I always know the right thing to do.

This problem is not beyond me, I am beyond this problem.

I choose faith and courage and joy today.

I am a courageous person; courageous in times of challenges.

I have wisdom and I use it.

God helps me.

I overcome this situation speedily.

I have the answers I need.

Declaring positive words to yourself is one thing to do when you do not know what to do.

11. Do the next right thing.

Even if it’s cleaning your room.

In a state of cluelessness, doing the next right little thing puts your mind in a string of orderliness. Whilst engaging in the task, the next thing to do might pop into your mind. It happens because the mind works in order.

What happens when you have a to-do list? You set out to accomplish all written tasks within the stipulated time.

Use this logic when you don’t know what to do, set out to accomplish your little tasks, and in the midst of it, the string of orderliness you have engulfed your mind can pull out the answers you need.

12. Go with truth and honesty.

Most times when people battle with “not knowing what to do” it is because they come to a crossroad where all options facing them are unfavourable. Or they find themselves in a dilemma that questions what they know.

This sounds unpleasing, but when in such a situation go with the truth. Choose honesty.

Momentarily, it’s a terrible decision but in the long run, you will be glad you were honest and stuck to the truth.

What good is a temporal relief? Isn’t a long-term relief all the better?

Or would you rather get disturbed by the same situation later in the future? Get it over with the right way once and for all.

When you don’t know what to do, go with honesty and truth- For long term benefits.

don't know what to do

13. Be true to yourself.

Being true to yourself means never undermining the significance of who you are. Never be biased. Never live two lives at once.

Determine what you desire. Because when you know exactly what you want in life, you can go after it with enthusiasm, and that means being true to yourself, living in integrity, and relying upon a self-purpose that frees, guides, and leads you to be your genuine self.

Being true to yourself implies that you are not concerned with pleasing others or following someone else’s standards or norms. You don’t care a whit what other people think of you. You live your life as your true self. Without exception. No one but you can teach you how to be genuine to yourself.

14. Help someone out.

“Only by giving are you able to receive more than you already have.”

 Jim Rohn.

When you reach out to help another person even in a state of confusion or cluelessness, you remind yourself of your capability, of your concern and compassion for another.

Helping others gives the soul several benefits including enriching it with goodness. No matter how little it may seem and in your capacity at the time lend a helping hand to someone.

15. Remember your values.

I read a story of Jack Ma, once when he found himself in a pickle struck between close-knitted options, he remembered why he started and he made a decision. His values saved him in that instant.

What are your values?

16. Pray.

God loves you and takes delight in helping you. Pray for direction on what next to do or a way out of the unfriendly situation you are in. In prayer you find direction, you find the help you need.

You don’t know what to do? Remember to pray.

Until next time.

I understand how life can prove to be unpredictably smarter than us.

 But one thing is certain, you can always overcome but that depends on your grit, your relentlessness, your courage, your resilience, and your faith to shove through every obstacle that stands in your path.

One great benefit of life is the advantage of time; this too shall pass. Don’t fret because of this clueless situation you are in, you will get through it- mostly better.

Get back up and do what you have to do, never wallow in misery. Never play the victim in life. You are a victor.



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