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Success is achieved by those who try and keep on trying with Positive Mental Attitude.

Napoleon Hill

A raggedy man selling pens at the train station was met by a successful man in a hurry to get to his office that morning. The dialogue ensued between them:

The successful man: Why do you stay here selling pens?

The raggedy man: Because this is who am I and where I belong.

The successful man: That’s not true. I see a successful businessman in you.

He said this convincing and left to catch his train. After much pondering upon the strange words, the raggedy man left that dark hollow with so much belief in himself and his capabilities to successfully sell anything beyond “pens”.

The mindset of success is a courageous mindset that sharpens your initiative, enforces the right action, builds self-confidence and empowers you to act accordingly when plans fail. A success mindset attracts the physical equivalence of our thoughts. A success mindset thinks of “possibilities, abundance, growth, courage, persistence and has focus”.


You can never overlook “mindset” when you mention success. Then, how do you develop a mindset of success?

Develop a positive mindset.

What’s your mindset about success? Do you believe it belongs to particular people? Do you think it’s almost impossible to achieve?

What’s your mindset about goals? What’s your mindset about change? What’s your mind about money? What’s your mindset about growth?

A positive mindset is a mindset that believes, perseveres and assumes the position of victory. Having a positive mindset entails continually engaging in introspection to identify and cut off negative thinking patterns.

But whether success to you means becoming rich as it did to S. B. Fuller, or the discovery of a new element in chemistry, or the creation of a piece of music, or the growing of a rose, or the nurturing of a child — no matter what success means to you — the invisible talisman with the initials Positive Mental Attitude emblazoned on one side and Negative Mental Attitude on the other can help you achieve it You attract the good and desirable with a Positive Mental attitude. You repel them with a Negative Mental attitude.

The power of a positive mindset captures your future and your progress in your mind. This power makes your mind produce the physical equivalence of what your mind sees.

You must train your mind to open up to larger horizons, bigger possibilities and growth. Always keep a positive mindset if you intend to climb high on the ladder of success.

Start your day with a positive mindset.

mindset of success

It’s no wonder we were told to lay our bed upon waking up.

Imagine starting your day gloomy, you end up moving grumpily throughout the day with zero zeal to accomplish your daily tasks.

You must start each day with determination and faith to achieve all you intend to achieve. When you get used to starting your day with a positive mindset it becomes a normal routine you do in-deliberately because it now comes naturally to you.

Starting the day off with positive energy puts you on a pedestal to accomplish your daily tasks. I start my day by proclaiming positive affirmations fueling my attitude to work throughout the day. How do you start the day with a load of doubt and expect to achieve the goals you have written down?

Start your day with passion, energy and the zeal to enable you accomplish all you have noted for the day.

Watch your thoughts.

Developing a success mindset is a deliberate action because negative thoughts will force their way into your mind telling you how you are incapable of the task, insufficient alone and how you probably are going to fail. Thus, you must deliberately and consistently weed out these harmful negative thoughts from your mind.

Allowing these negative thoughts to dwell will only groom a negative mindset which endangers your growth and progress towards success.

When these negative thoughts appear firmly acclaim your strengths, this cancels out the negative thoughts and replaces them with positive thoughts. This is an effective method to develop a mindset of success.

True self-realization happens only when we know ourselves, our own nature, and will realize it.


Believe in your capability.

The character of the raggedy man in the above story was reminded of his capability to function beyond what he accepted of himself.

As a woman you need to believe in your capability, believe in your strength and believe in your ideas.

Developing a positive mindset makes it easier to walk in your goals whilst achieving them. It is dangerous to move through life lacking a strong belief in who you are.

Do you think you are capable?

Can you stand on your own with no support?

How often do you doubt yourself?

Do you need extra motivation from others before you accomplish a huge task?

Are you confident in yourself?

Do you play the victim in life?

What’s your tendency to abandon a goal if does not turn out the way you envisioned it?

According to Brian Tracy, success is not an action that you take, it’s a way of life. If you want to accomplish great things, greatness must be reflected in everything that you do.

Get the success you want.

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Embrace growth.

Positive growth mindset is a mindset that embraces and accepts growth easily.

Without growth, there can be no improvement.

To develop a mindset of success you must learn to embrace growth. A lot of people tend to get accustomed to a set level or a set pattern of doing things. These people fight new ways because of old ways. They prefer to dwell with a comfortable pattern rather than create disruption by introducing new and strange patterns. These sets of people have a low acceptance of growth which limits their successful growth.

If you want success, this is what you can do- Be receptive to growth. Don’t be afraid to let go of old ways or patterns to try new ones. 

Growth is effective when the old way can give way to new and better ways.

The mindset of a successful person is a success mindset not a fear mindset or a failure mindset, they understand that success begins first in their mind. This make successful people spend time and energy developing their minds by constantly consuming information that broadens the scope of their minds.

Positive mindset in business opens your eyes to possibilities and opportunities in your business. When you have a positive mindset you easily identify solutions to the problems affecting your business. You are receptive to concepts to do things better, and insights to understand the depth of problems and ensuing solutions.

You cannot overlook a success mindset if you intend to make progress in life.  

Welcome challenges.

success mindset

Every adversity has the seed of an equivalent or greater benefit. 

Napoleon Hill

Napoleon believes that every challenge you encounter in life has an equivalent seed of greatness, he believes that challenges bring along improvement, growth and progress. Napoleon opines that when one takes advantage of a challenge they encounter they benefit from it.

I believe this because challenges come to groom you, prepare you for what’s ahead, and strengthen your fortitude and your mind’s power.

If you want success, don’t be afraid of challenges. See them as checkpoints through your journey of success.

Eliminate negative thinking patterns.

Negative thinking patterns are thoughts patterns you have developed over time due to your background, level of exposure and mostly your experiences.

These negative thinking patterns limit your mind’s capabilities hindering how efficient your mind can function. To develop a positive growth mindset take time to identify and eliminate thought patterns that hinder your success.


Read. Read. Read.

Reading makes the list of the most powerful four-lettered word.

You can develop a mindset of success when you cultivate the habit of reading. Spend time daily reading good books that sharpen your judgement, improve your knowledge and expose your mind to the possibilities of success.

Don’t know where to start, here are 3 books that have impacted my life greatly.

Think and grow rich– Napolean Hill

The Alchemist– Paul Coelho

Money won’t make you rich– Sunday Adelaja

Start today and expand your reading list gradually. Ask all successful people about one thing they have in common – Reading. They all read.

I believe you know what to do, pick up a good book woman.

“If you know what you want, you are more apt to recognize it when you see it. When you read a book, for example, you will recognize opportunities to help you get what you want.”

Napoleon Hill

Till next time.

After years spent studying successful men, the authors of Success Through a Positive Mental Attitude have come to the conclusion that a positive mental attitude is the one simple secret shared by them all.

 It was Positive Mental Attitude that helped S. B. Fuller overcome the disadvantages of poverty.

It was Positive Mental Attitude that motivated Tom Dempsey, despite his crippled leg, to kick the longest field goal ever kicked in a professional football game.

And it was certainly a positive mental attitude that enabled Henry J. Kaiser to build a Liberty Ship every ten days.

It was Al Allen’s ability to turn his talisman right-side-up that motivated him to return to his prospects — the very ones who had refused him the day before — and set a new sales record.

Having a positive mindset propels you to achieve whatever you deem as success. Be intentional about developing your mindset of success. Let it replace the mindset of fear and the mindset of mediocrity.

You are as much as you can see woman.

Start in your mind.


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