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Knowing your purpose gives meaning to your life. We were made to have meaning. This is why people try dubious methods, like astrology or psychics, to discover it. When life has meaning, you can bear almost anything; without it, nothing is bearable.

A young man in his twenties wrote, “I feel like a failure because I’m struggling to become something, and I don’t even know what it is. All I know how to do is to get by. Someday, if I discover my purpose, I’ll feel I’m beginning to live.” – Sunday Adelaja

Without God, life has no purpose, and without purpose, life has no meaning. Without meaning, life has no significance or hope.

To live a fulfilling life you must first identify what you were made to do, and what you find satisfaction in doing.
  • Martin Luther King Jr was a freedom fighter, he led the nonviolent Civil Rights Movement of the 1950s and 1960s, Martin Luther King Jr. traversed the country in his quest for freedom.
  • Williams Shakespeare wrote literature excellently his works are still made references after several years.
  • Michelangelo painted the finest artworks ever seen.
  • Mother Teresa shared her love and compassion for humanity to the extent that other people connected to her vision.
  • Harriet Tubman Known as the “Moses of her people,” rescued hundreds of slaves.  Harriet was enslaved, escaped, and helped others gain their freedom as a “conductor” of the Underground Railroad.

She courageously returned to Maryland at least 13 times over a decade to rescue her parents, brothers, family members, and friends.

How do you discover what you were made to do?

Here are several ways to help you identify what you were made for.

Remember what you enjoyed during your childhood.

living a fulfilling life

In the early stages of human growth, children are seen to exhibit behaviours that reflect what is present in their subconscious and conscious mind.

Notice how children tend to be bubbly and carefree without consideration and fear of the opinions and acceptance of others like we adults are.

However, a 6-8 years old child will appear to actively participate in activities compared to a teenager. Studies have shown that when children begin to get reproved or criticised by teachers, parents and guardians they begin to withdraw into themselves due to fear of disapproval or punishment.

As a child, before you got trimmed by societal demands and expectations, what did you enjoy doing?

Could be singing, dancing, reading, or fake-selling items in your house. Think about it. Identifying those childhood behaviours can give you an idea of what you are supposed to do in life so you live a more fulfilling life.

Identify your talents and interests.

As individuals we have varying talents, things we appear to be good as compared to others. Getting the most out of your talent involves the intentional development of your talent.

Whitney Houston had a voice to sing,

Maya Angelou had the words to teach and write,

Henry Ford had a thing for developing cars,

What do you have?

People who have a great voice, take hours training their voice to improve their vocals. When you identify your talent, don’t stop there take another step to improve your talents.

Remember that talent exist beyond artistic talents like drawing, painting, dancing, singing… etc.

People without artistic talents tend to conclude they have no talents however one can be talented in public speaking, problem-solving, coordination, critical thinking and so on.

On the other hand, interest involves the things that captures your attention and fans your desire.

Former South African president and civil rights advocate Nelson Mandela dedicated his life to fighting for equality—and ultimately helped topple South Africa’s racist system of apartheid.

Nelson Mandela was interested in equality of the South African system.

Abraham Lincoln was interested in wartime leadership, preservation of the Soviet Union and the abolition of slavery.

You can be interested in the well-being of orphaned children, justice and fairness, fair treatment of the incarcerated, good governance, and the well-being of old people, the first assignment is to identify your interest.

What issues in humanity affect you?

What issues will you eradicate if you had the power?

How largely does this issue affect your mood and concern?

Note that, these interests have a strong link for you to live a happy and fulfilling life. All the people who fulfill their purpose every day experience a deep sense of satisfaction and fulfillment.

Don’t follow the crowd.

living a fulfilling life

We tend to move along with the majority whether consciously or unconsciously. Following the bandwagon is not the right way to live a fulfilling life.

Never do things only because others are doing them especially when you have zero interest in the activity.

You must be bold to stand out from the crowd if you want to live a happy and fulfilling life.

Imagine if Michael Jackson joined drama, not music because everyone he knew was an actor. Will we enjoy the music he produced?

Imagine Thomas Edison became a lawyer because everyone he knew did, will we have the light bulb as early as we did?

You must be bold enough to walk alone if you have to.

You must be bold enough to maintain a path of integrity, of truth even when alone.

If you want a more fulfilling life, never find comfort in the crowd.



If the purpose of a thing is not known abuse is inevitable. Myles Monroe.

When you purchase a product and you need instructions on how to operate it, you seek the product manual written by the manufacturer. 

When you don’t know what to do with your life, go to your creator, that’s the way to find and then fulfill your purpose. How do you fulfill a purpose you lack knowledge about?

You must first discover your purpose before you can fulfil the purpose.

Not feeling fulfilled in life? Pray to know what to do with your life so your life will be such a blessing and you will live a happy and fulfilled life.

After discovering your purpose, the next step is to walk in your discovered purpose.

Get the relevant knowledge and skills required.

fulfilling life

Ben Carson, a neurosurgeon, performed the first successful separation of conjoined twins who were attached at the back of the head (occipital craniopagus twins).

If you have a purpose of helping others you must develop the relevant skills and attain the relevant knowledge required to enable you to fulfil your purpose excellently.

Say you have a purpose to save lives through medicine, you will fail woefully if you do not take the time and due diligence to attain the knowledge of medicine. This knowledge will make saving lives possible for you.

“Choice, choices, choices! Choose rightly. Choose the things that bring you the highest fulfillment. Commit your life to the choices you have made.”

Lailah Gifty Akita

Be persistent.

A meaningful and fulfilling life requires persistence. You do not get everything in one day, but you gather efforts every day to push you into the reality of that purpose.

It took Sam Walton (Founder Of Walmart), continuous action of retrieving insight and strategies from big retail stores at the time to get first-hand information directly from the managers.

He took time diligently to walk into big retail stores requesting to speak to their managers to retrieve relevant information concerning their operations. This knowledge helped him build and grow Walmart into one of the biggest retail stores in several locations. 

You need to be persistent to fulfill your purpose.

I read somewhere, how that when you decide to fulfil your purpose different adversities might come to distract and weary you.

One beautiful thing I read about fulfilling purpose in The Alchemist by Paul Coelho,

When you decide to fulfil that which you were made for, the universe works together bringing everything you need to you.  

You are never alone when you live a life of purpose, God is out to help you.

Will you rather work for a paycheck all your life, or engage in works that give you satisfaction and fulfilment?

Be passionate about what you do.

Passion fuels continuity.

When you are passionate about what you do, you are more likely to enjoy it and find satisfaction in it. A lack of passion creates a boring routine of work deprived of creativity and thought-out expansion.

Living a fulfilling life requires integrating passion into what you do, passion creates a continued desire to grow, expand and keep on.

The fulfilled life is a satisfying life, satisfied in work and contributing to other lives and the society, the fulfilled life is a meaningful and happy life which longs for every opportunity to improve the lives of others through their purpose.

“It is only when you run away from what society wants you to do with your time and then invest that time into doing what you were born to do that you can attain greatness and live a fulfilled life.”

Sunday Adelaja
fulfilling life
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Until next time.

Success without a sense of fulfillment lacks satisfaction and self-actualization which Maslow in his hierarchy of needs classifies as the highest need of man (the highest level of psychological development).

At a point in your life, you begin to desire more than money and ephemeral things.  You desire self-actualization; the realization of your potential.

Without a fulfilling life you experience emptiness within you, to avoid and overcome this emptiness you must dedicate your time to discover and walk in your purpose- this is the secret of living a fulfilling life.

“We are capable beyond measure. Go all out and be the great person, you are destiny to be.”

Lailah Gifty Akita,


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