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Every great idea starts from the mind.

You are first successful in your mind before you are successful in the real sense, how then can you program your mind for success?

Success comes to those who program their mind to become SUCCESS CONSCIOUS, failure comes to those who indifferently allow themselves to become FAILURE CONSCIOUS

Harv Eker

The mind can transform your outer man to resemble what it looks like on the inside.

This blog post aims to help you who seek to learn the art of programming your mind to success consciousness.

Let’s dive into it already.

I will share one of my favorite stories I read from the Secrets of the Billionaire Mind.

The man and the cliff.

A man was walking along a cliff and all of a sudden loses his balance, slips, and falls off. Fortunately, he has the presence of mind to grab onto the ledge, and he’s hanging there for dear life. He hangs and hangs and finally yells out, “Is there anybody up there who can help me?” There’s no answer. He keeps calling and calling, “Is there anybody up there who can help me?”

Finally, this big bellowing voice calls back, “This is God. I can help you. Just let go and trust.” Next thing you hear: “Is there anybody else up there who can help me?” The lesson is simple. If you want to move to a higher level of life, you have to be willing to let go of some of your old ways of thinking and being and adopt new ones. The results will eventually speak for themselves.

So who are you? How do you think? What are your beliefs? What are your habits and traits? How do you feel about yourself? How confident are you in yourself? How well do you relate to others? How much do you trust others?

Do you truly feel that you deserve success? What is your ability to act despite fear, despite worry, despite inconvenience, despite discomfort? Can you act when you’re not in the mood? How quickly do you bounce back from a setback?

Take out a sheet of paper and truthfully answer these questions; this will help you identify the areas you need to focus your energy on.

Your success can grow only to the extent you do!

The Subconscious Mind.

According to Brian Tracy, your subconscious mind is subjective. It does not think or reason independently; it merely obeys the commands it receives from your conscious mind.

Just as your conscious mind can be thought of as the gardener, planting seeds, your subconscious mind can be thought of as the garden, or fertile soil, in which the seeds germinate and grow. This is another reason why harnessing the power of positive thinking is important to the foundation of your entire success process.

Your conscious mind commands and your subconscious mind obeys.

Your subconscious mind works day and night to make your behaviour fits a pattern consistent with your emotionalized thoughts, hopes, and desires. Your subconscious mind grows either flowers or weeds in the garden of your life, whichever you plant by the mental equivalents you create.

You must influence your conscious mind for success through your subconscious mind. How?

program your mind

1. Set clear goals.

Set a clear goal of what you want to do, where you want to be, and what you want to achieve sometime in the future. The mind functions more efficiently when you present it with specific and clear goals.

The effective pattern of goal setting.

Your goals could include action verbs like earn, make, invent, complete, own, create, draw, read, paint, walk, exercise, teach, replace, solve, and win.

Your goals could be measurable.

Say you are setting financial goals: 1 million dollars, 500,000 pounds

Weight goals: 150 pounds, 300 pounds.

Knowledge goals: 5 books, 3 journals.

Your goals should include a time frame: In two years, by December, 1st June, 20th April.


I ______________________   ____________________ BY _____________________

    ACTION VERB                           MEASURABLE                                  DATE.

Example: I read 5 books by the end of May.

I write 10 pages by tomorrow.

When you set clear and specific goals, your subconscious mind sends command signals to your conscious mind activating its readiness to act enforcing the achievements of those goals.


In addition, you must remind yourself daily of your goals. Start your day with a fresh memory of your written own goals, note down actions to take that will bring you closer to your goals, then swing into action.

Clear goals increase your confidence, develop your competence and boost your levels of motivation. As Tom Hopkins says, goals are the fuel in the furnace of achievement.
program your mind for success

You are as much as you can see.

2. Visualize.

Remember our slogan; you are much as you can see.

As much as you can see:  How much do you see? How do you see yourself? Where do you see yourself? With what do you see yourself?

Our mind is an open pathway to greatness and success, no wonder Napolean Hill said.

Man’s only limitation, within reason, lies in his development and use of his imagination.

Visualization acts as an active step toward programming your mind and developing your affinity for success. Visualize and create a mental picture of your goals as if it was already a reality.

Imagine yourself doing the job you want, living in the house and neighbourhood you desire, earning the pay-check you desire, and so on. Stretch your mind’s eyes by creating the right mental picture of your goals. Extend into the depth of possibilities with the power of visualization and by putting your mind on a stretcher. The more you can visualize, the more you can allow into your subconscious mind and then into your conscious mind.

Stuart Wilde puts it this way: "The key to success is to raise your energy; when you do, people will naturally be attracted to you. And when they show up, bill 'em!”

The Roots Create the Fruits.

Imagine a tree. Let’s suppose this tree represents the tree of life. On this tree there are fruits. In life, our fruits are called our results. So we look at the fruits (our results) and we don’t like them; there aren’t enough of them, they’re too small, or they don’t taste good. So what do we tend to do? Most of us put even more attention and focus on the fruits, our results.

But what is it that actually creates those particular fruits? It’s the seeds and the roots that create those fruits. It’s what’s under the ground that creates what’s above the ground. It’s what invisible that creates what’s visible is. So what does that mean? It means that if you want to change the fruits, you will first have to change the roots. If you want to change the visible, you must first change the invisible. To see a change for success in the physical aspects of your life then you must program your mind for success.

Why you should visualize.

1.) It activates your creative subconscious which will start generating creative ideas to achieve your goal.

2.) It programs your brain to more readily perceive and recognize the resources you will need to achieve your dreams.

3.) It activates the law of attraction, thereby drawing into your life the people, resources, and circumstances you will need to achieve your goals.

4.) It builds your internal motivation to take the necessary actions to achieve your dreams.

How to visualize.

Concentrate your thoughts for thirty minutes daily upon the task of thinking of the person you intend to become, thereby creating in your mind a clear mental picture of that person.

Before you do this, cut out any form of noise or distraction that will get in the way of your visualization. You can also visualize periodically as you carry out your daily task.

3. Use affirmations.

Affirmations involve the constant reinforcement of your mind towards a particular direction using positive and powerful declarations.

The use of affirmations is an effective way to program your mind for success it trains the mind by focusing the mind on the length of possibilities you expose your mind to.

Repeating an affirmation several times a day keeps you focused on your goal, strengthens your motivation, and programs your subconscious by sending an order to your members to do whatever it takes to make that goal happen.

The role of affirmation is that you must believe what you are affirming, if the affirmations are huge for your mind, you either develop your mind to that level or tune down the affirmations to what you truly believe.

Affirmation works with believing, when you believe what you affirm, an action is prompted.

On the other hand, if you don’t believe what you affirm, cognitive dissonance is created.

Imagine someone receives an embroidered parcel on their doorstep but attempts to seek a return because they believe the parcel isn’t theirs and was delivered to the wrong house. Such a person might even be terrified to open the parcel because they can’t possibly imagine what it contains. Such a person doesn’t think that something so exquisitely looking could be delivered to them.

Similarly, when you don’t believe your affirmations, the signal released by your subconscious mind is rejected by your conscious mind.

When you talk to yourself positively about the person you want to be and things you want to become, you quicken your subconscious mind develop a way out.

program your mind for success

If you must be successful, you must elevate your mindset to resemble a successful mindset.

4. Act as if you already have the goal you desire.

Live in your goal, resemble your goal, and walk-in your goal.

How would you act if you were financially successful? How would you treat other people? How would you behave if you were already the successful woman you desire to be? What would you do differently?

You can’t have a poor mindset/behaviour and then expect success. If you must be successful, you must elevate your mindset to resemble a successful one; behave and think like a successful woman, and make smart decisions like a successful woman.

How to behave like a successful person.

Think abundance.

Think solutions, not problems.

Improve your capability

Train your eyes to identify opportunities.

Don’t be scared to take risks.

Know a good deal.

Think “how can I” not I can’t.

Conduct yourself just as you would, if you were already in possession of the material thing which you are demanding,

Another way to program your mind for success is by observing and emulating the lives of successful people.  Read their books, read their biography, follow them up on social media, and listen to their shows or podcast.

A child learns his initial words and behaviors just by observing and mimicking the adults who display that behavior.

Psychology opines that the early years of a child’s life is a crucial time frame, where the mind of the child is developed according to what he is exposed to. A child who is exposed to love, care, and attention is likely to grow up to become a self-confident and self-assured individual.

Whereas a child who is exposed to a lack of proper love, care and attention is likely to grow into an unstable, unmotivated and low self-esteemed individual.

The lesson to learn here is this; you learn from what is around you. If you expose yourself to a successful mindset and behavior, you are most likely to adopt those behaviors and mindset into your life programming your mind for success.

Until next time.

It all starts in the mind, so you must be diligent in dedicating time and effort to programming your mind for success. To achieve this, you have to be persistent; you can’t stop as soon as you start, continue till your mind is programmed for success.

Have the burning desire to maintain the momentum till you achieve your aim. Naturally, your mind will begin to attract the things it can handle. You will retain success when your mind has been programmed for success; because in your mind’s eye success is recognized by your mind.

First things first: Program your mind for success, then continue from there.

I want you successful, woman!

What do you want for yourself?


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