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I can say confidently I have progressed in my journey of learning to protect my peace. I have come to a place of mind’s peace, where I don’t get trailed off my track by the slightest poke or displaced from my rest because of life’s nuances.

We all know how life can decide to take its own course inconsiderate of our feelings, our plans, plainly inconsiderate of you and me.

With time, I have learned this valuable lesson; it is entirely up to you, within your power to protect your peace-protect your peace from negativity, from spikes, from desiccants that delight in drying out whatever they come in contact with, sucking out the water in them worse than. ..

Knowing how to protect your peace is the primary form of self-care you should indulge in if you truly care for yourself. It becomes mandatory due to the noisy world we have found ourselves in, you need to protect your peace else you might find yourself drowning in all the noise and chaos out there.

Don’t know how? I will share with you effective yet easy ways you can implement to protect your peace. Read on.

  1. Identify your triggers.
  2. Don’t dwell in a negative environment
  3. Eliminate/Avoid your triggers.
  4. Take time off social media
  5. Create enough you- time.
  6. Don’t be too hard on yourself.
  7. Strengthen your mind
  8. Identify what matters to you and what doesn’t.
  9. Hang around people that make you feel at peace.
  10. Celebrate yourself.
  11. Always remember you are valuable.
  12. Trust in the Lord.

1. Don’t dwell in a negative environment.

As humans, we identify as social beings. We grow up, develop, learn, and build our skills, all-around people. We naturally seek to belong in a group: family, friends, colleagues, peers…etc.

This raises a need where we must carefully select the groups we choose to belong to because these groups have the power to either make us or mar us. For your peace of mind, associate yourself with the company that makes it easy to be on your trail and not create a dire need for you to barricade your peace like a treasure in a safe.

If you have to work extra hard to protect your peace, then sis you are in the wrong company dining at the wrong table. That’s your cue, leave.

Peace doesn’t camouflage. When it’s there-Its there. When it isn’t there, you know it. No hippy party.

We believe how much our happiness and wholeness flow from within us and not necessarily the responsibility of our surroundings- true. However, peace is different, if you immerse yourself in a basket of thorns you will get pierced all over, and your skin will cry. You are the enforcer of your peace but don’t dwell among peace desiccators- they will dry your peace out.

2. Identify what matters to you and what doesn’t.

Life is a lot, you cannot absorb everything- your hands are small for a reason.

Hence, you must learn to hold unto what matters and let go of what doesn’t.

Why hold unto a toxic relationship?

Why hold unto an over draining job?

Why hold on to mundane expectations?

Why hold onto anything eating you up?

Open your hands and let them go, let your peace return.

When you put rotten fruits together with good frits in a basket, what happens? The bacteria eat up the good fruits. The same with the good things you hold, the bad ones will eat them up.

3. Create enough you-time.

Sounds easy yeah?

But do you do it? Least likely.

A “you time” isn’t merely taking a few hours to sleep or mere watching a movie curled up on your bed.

A “you time” is taking sufficient time to care for yourself mentally, emotionally, and otherwise. A “you time” is empowering yourself with what you need and crave. “You time” is paying attentiveness to your body and mind even as you work. A “you time” should be every time.

Learn to pamper yourself, to take yourself on a treat.

The more you-time you create, the more you understand yourself, the more you attend to your physical and emotional things, and the more you can identify causatives of your mental tiredness and eliminate them.

There are things you will only know of yourself when you have enough “you time”.

Enough you time teaches you to love yourself better.

4. Take time off social media.

Undoubtedly, social media can pressurize one’s mind negatively.

You don’t need all that noise and falsified perfection in your eyes all day every day.

Limit your usage especially when you notice it gets hinged on your peace like a parasite.

You can either reduce daily hours spent scrolling or map “no social media periods” which can last for a few days (depending on you).

5. Don’t be too hard on yourself.

Certain times we rip our peace with how hard we are on ourselves. Treat yourself with a lot of kindness- even when you make a mistake.

If you want to be hard on something be hard on the problem and not yourself.


6. Identify your triggers.

protect your peace

Before you can eliminate a stench in your house, you must first identify the cause of the smell. Is it a dead rat, spoilt food, bad water, or an intruding animal?

You can spend the whole day dusting tables, wiping windows, mopping the floor, cleaning the attic, doing laundry- just anything to rid your house of the unpleasant smell, but if you do not identify the causative of that smell the smell will still hang in the house after you are done breaking your back to clean.

Same with your peace, you must identify any triggers of your peace.

What sets you off?

What troubles your mind?

What destabilizes your peace?

Identifying your triggers leads us to the next step.

7. Eliminate/Avoid your triggers.

Your trigger can be:

An environment that holds better-forgotten memories,

A relationship.

A click.

A job.

A person.

What do you do after finally discovering a dead rat beneath the sink causing the terrible smell?

Do you leave it there?

Or do you wait till tomorrow before disposing?

No, you get rid of it immediately.

Likewise, when you identify your triggers get rid of them from your life immediately. Else you will continue to suffer from a choked-up breath with no peace.

8. Strengthen your mind.

protect your peace

Protecting your peace entails you strengthening your mind. You can’t afford to get affected by everything in the block. Certain things should fly over your head and not smash you in the face.

Don’t let every noise bother you, or every smell irritate you.

The strength of your mind predicts what you can handle and how you handle it. Strengthen your mind daily to enable you to handle whatever life throws your way with grit and might.

Don’t let yourself be affected by every single thing.

How you can strengthen your mind.

Read books to expand your mind.

Expose yourself to the experiences of others and how they overcame their struggles.

Eat healthily.

Exercise regularly.

Take on tasks that stimulate your mind.

9. Hang around people that make you feel at peace.

protect your peace

As I have earlier mentioned, dwelling in a negative environment can destroy your peace.

On the contrary, dwelling around people who exude positivity and calm can soothe your mind. Dwelling in a positive environment is a sure way to protect your peace of mind because when you find your peace failing you can easily draw from those around up to pump you back up.

Identify people in your life, whose company always ease your stress and make a mental note to spend more time around these people.

10. Celebrate yourself.

We are still on the matter of protecting your peace at all costs.

In most cases, high achievers tend to suffer anxiety and mental strain. Celebrating yourself is an effective way to ease the pressurized energy.

Instead of lamenting over something that you didn’t do perfectly. Choose to celebrate yourself for the one you did perfectly.

When you celebrate yourself you cause a release of the feel-good hormone (serotonin) which increases your happiness and makes you feel better about yourself.

Celebrate yourself for your wins- especially the little ones.

11. Remember you are always valuable.

One reason people suffer from an affected peace is that they begin to doubt their capabilities, doubt their worth, and doubt their strengths. In plain English, they begin to doubt themselves.

I believe strongly that one should value themselves beyond whatever shortcomings they may have or encounter.

Do you begin to throw all your gold out the window simply because a stone got among them? No, you dispose of the stone and keep the gold, because the gold is still gold.

You are still valuable when confused.

You are valuable when shaken.

You are valuable even in a mistake.

You are valuable as long as you breathe.

Don’t forget that.

12. Trust in the Lord.

protect your peace

I saved this for last because I know for a certainty it works- always.

Trusting in the Lord means believing in his plans to prosper you and not harm you, to lead you through tough times, to help you make the best decisions even when you are clueless about what to do, to help you when you need help, to be there for you.

It means placing trust in his plans and love for you.

Till next time.

It’s okay to feel fear but you must overcome it.

It’s okay to express your weakness and vulnerability (we are humans after all) but must live through it courageously.

It’s okay to cry but don’t keep crying wipe your face and forge on.

It’s okay to be down but up must rise back up stronger.

Your peace is your baby- Protect it.

Nothing goes on right if it’s not right with your peace.

Without your peace- you lose concentration, you lose focus, you lose your happiness, and you lose sleep. There are a thousand and one reasons why you MUST protect your peace at all costs (if ever you need a reason).

The absence of peace of mind is too expensive, you can’t afford it even if you earn in gold.

Protect your peace at all cost woman.



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