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Psychology explains traits as a personality characteristic that meets three criteria: consistent, stable, and varies from person to person. Based on this definition, a trait can be thought of as a relatively stable characteristic that causes individuals to behave in certain ways.

A trait is marked by the tendency to act, think, and feel in a certain way—over time and across situations. Your traits ignite your behaviour and reaction across situations likewise predicting your behaviour aforehand.

Under the big 5 personality- OCEAN,

Someone with the tendency to appreciate new ideas, art, values, experiences, feelings and behaviours possess the “openness” trait.

Such a person will accept new experiences faster whilst enjoying new adventures and the thrill of stepping out of their comfort zone to try new things compared to one lacking this trait.

Say you have a new unconventional idea to present to one of your friends, who are you likely to go to?

And who is more likely to approve of your new big idea?

The one possessing the “openness” trait or the one without the “openness” trait?

Okay, enough of psychology but you do get the point.

Similarly, the traits for success are requirements for success. Lucky you, if you don’t have them you can learn them.

The traits you have can channel your behavior and hitherto your life into directions- whether favorable or unfavorable it depends on you.

Do you have a successful personality? Let’s see how you can measure up. Read on.


How are you in the midst of a storm?

Fortitude is the mental strength you have to persevere in tough and challenging times.

Fortitude is continuing relentlessly even after several fails and losses.

Fortitude is how tough you have become to protect and keep you through terrible low times.

An entrepreneur must build a tough skin to survive out there, in the wild.

Every entrepreneur must have the fortitude to continue moving forward even in the face of failure. If you fail to build fortitude you will break at the first sign of adversity, and quit at the first sign of failure. You will plainly give up when things go south.

Fortitude is what keeps you unbroken even though bent. It is what keeps you marching on through tough times.

When you demonstrate the strength of character you always get stronger in the face of failure.

Remember the first time you failed. Now compare it to several failures after? Do you feel exactly how you felt the first time? Probably no.

One way to build fortitude is by learning from your mistakes and making adjustments for what’s ahead.

Let your mistakes prepare you for what’s ahead.

Remember: Failing is a means to success

traits to learn for success


A successful person must have intelligence, initiative and integrity.

Without the third one, the first two will not stand.

The wind might cause a kite to rise, but what keeps it up there is the fact that somebody on the ground has a steady hand. You have to hold steady to your values – your integrity. It’s your anchor. You let go of that. . . well, it isn’t long before your kite comes crashing down.

Mark Victor Hansen and Robert G. Allen

Integrity is the practice of being honest and showing a consistent and uncompromising adherence to strong moral and ethical principles and values.

Your integrity keeps you going, I rank integrity as one of the top successful traits because success starts with you first before it transcends to the world. If you cannot handle your integrity, how do you intend to handle your success?

 One of your most prized possessions is integrity; you should never compromise it.

Byron Pulsifer


  • Map out your values
  • Strict adherence to values even in challenging times
  • Choose honesty and truth always
  • Be true to yourself
  • Seek to please God and not humans.

Integrity is about more than just doing the right thing; it’s about building the kind of character that can survive a crisis intact. Carey Nieuwhof.

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 Self-motivation is a no-brainer. You have to learn to be a self-motivated person to earn success. Self-motivation is on the list of successful traits because it focuses on how the individual can effectively keep motivated even in times of low motivation.

It’s an inner drive to take action — to create and to achieve. It’s what pushes you to keep working on tasks especially those you’re pursuing because you want to see results, not because you were instructed to.

When no one instructs you on your personal goals, the zeal you input to achieve those tasks is your self-motivation.

Do you only work under supervision?

Do you find it difficult to work alone without team members?

Do you mostly feel overwhelmed?

Are you prone to procrastination?

Are you being specific enough to spur motivation?


  • Take responsibility for your life.
  • Find your why.
  • Break down your goals into monthly, weekly and most important daily.
  • Re-evaluate your progress
  • Do what you love or love what you do
  • Create empowering beliefs
  • Surround yourself with self-motivated people.
traits to learn for success


You are leaving your $2500 job to start your business?! Are you out of your minddd?

Several people’s success stories began because they were decisive enough to know what they wanted and courageous to go after it.

If the mountain does not come to Muhammed, then Muhammed must go after the mountain.

Courage is an important requirement for success, the ability to face the lion head-on till it whimpers and stutters to the ground.

Courage is been audacious to carve out a new path.

Courage is continuing despite the fear.

The world of success demands courage as a gate pass. Are you willing to be courageous when success demands it? To shove fear aside and persevere?

 “Courage is the most important of all the virtues because, without courage, you can’t practice any other

Maya Angelou


  • Have confidence and believe in your ability to be courageous
  • Take risks and accept failure
  • Use obstacles to your benefit
  • Keep moving forward
  • Avoid comparing yourself to others.
  • Expand your comfort zone gradually
  • Try out new things.

REMEMBER: A ship is safe in harbour, but that’s not what ships are for.”

― John A. Shedd


Passion is the fuel that motivates and inspires people to achieve specific objectives, no matter how improbable or difficult they may seem. It instils the perseverance required to conquer the most insurmountable hurdles. It fosters loyalty, collaboration, hard work, and, ultimately, success.

Passion drives the hard effort, commitment, and creativity required to achieve great things. Successful novelists, film directors, chemists, CEOs, world-class sportsmen, and other people who have climbed to the top of their fields all have a strong motivation that drives them to work extremely hard even when they don’t know how, when, or if they will be rewarded for their efforts.


  • Passion fuels your motivation. You are most likely to be motivated when you love what you do.
  • Passion drives your creativity. Your passion ignites your creative side to develop creative ideas.
  • Passion ensures sustainability. Without passion, you are most likely to be changing jobs all too often.
  • Passion fosters a sense of fulfillment,

“Forget about the fast lane. If you want to fly, harness your power to your passion. Honour your calling. Everybody has one. Trust your heart, and success will come to you.” – Oprah Winfrey

traits to learn for success

6. Commitment to Learning.

Continuous learning is the minimum requirement for success in any field.

Brian Tracy

At what point do you stop learning?

Learning continuously is necessary for a successful life.

Creating a learning culture is an effective way to improve performance and innovation.

Continuous learning opens up your mind to new concepts, ideas and insights. It helps refresh “what you know” whilst also opening the mind to unlearn old concepts that no longer serve any purpose.

Your self-motivated persistence in obtaining knowledge and competencies to increase your skillset and explore prospects is known as continuous learning. It is an important aspect of your personal and professional development to avoid stagnation and maximize your potential.


Become relevant

Spark new ideas

Change your perspective

Competence leads to confidence

Develop a learning culture

Master your craft.

Until next time.

All these are traits to learn for success, the beauty of success is in its journey and in the process of overcoming encounters that seek to derail your progress.

The qualities of success cannot be overlooked in the journey of success. You must diligently seek to learn the traits for success if you desire to succeed in life.

Success breeds possibility; it expands your sphere of possibility- the things you believe in, the things you can do, the things you see.

You deserve success, do what it takes.


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