motivation podcasts for women


Looking for the motivational podcasts for women?

This list contains best podcasts by women for women to leave you feeling inspired, highly motivated and ready to forge ahead. We have joy and comfort knowing we are not alone in this journey of life, alone in the struggles, alone in challenges and alone in low times. By listening to the stories of other women we connect and learn from their failures, processes and above all -their victories.

1. Living Fully with Mallory Ervin

motivational podcasts for women

On this human journey, we do need some inspiration and motivation. Finding joy, happiness, fulfillment, and learning how to connect in a society when many individuals feel numb are all important aspects of life. Join Mallory Ervin as she shares the experiences and wisdom she and her guests have gained to inspire you to live your best life.

carlypaiges 02/09/2022  
Life Changing Stories I have subscribed to this podcast from the very beginning. I have loved each and every episode! The podcast with Jade was EVERYTHING!! Motivational. Inspiring. Funny. Honest. Truly, living fully. Thank you, Jade for allowing us to hear your story. You are a true joy to listen to.

2. Lady don’t take no.

motivational podcasts for women

For those who want their political commentary with a dash of beauty advice, Alicia Garza launched the podcast Lady Don’t Take No. She is paying homage to the distinctive way of doing things in the Bay Area. Garza will share her heated opinions on a variety of topics, including how to manage microaggressions at the airport and why Fenty Beauty saves lives. Lady Don’t Take No will deliver all the genuine and none of the false every Friday. Why? Lady, don’t take no for an answer.

ER, London, UK 12/03/2021 
Authentic, smart and empowering A you-must-listen podcast. 
I came across this podcast while searching about Alicia Garza’s excellent book, which was yet to be published. I have listened all the earlier podcasts, and now wait for Friday evening in anticipation to another excellent interview. It is the openness, authenticity and intelligent approach to relevant political and societal topics that makes this podcast so relevant to our times. Simply excellent. Thank you for making this one of the best podcasts available. ER

3. Terrible, thanks for asking.

motivational podcasts for women

Sincere responses to the “How are you?” question

The program relentlessly and unabashedly ploughs into topics that most people find too unpleasant to discuss.

The long-running podcast by Nora McInerny on suffering, bereavement, and being able to say you’re not okay is obviously non-gender specific in its viewpoint. However, the show’s vibrant, encouraging audience and the guests who choose to share painful emotions and life facts lean slightly to female.

Kailey Dedic 04/28/2022 
Terrible, Thanks for asking 
The content may not be for everyone in the high school age group, but after the loss of many family members this podcast has made me feel that I am not alone. The stories all revolve around grief, but all the stories are very different. Thank you for sharing them so others can feel heard. From this podcast I have learned that everyone is grieving something they just need to figure out what it is. I just started reading It’s okay to Laugh: (Crying is Cool Too) and have learned the same things from that so far.

4. Oprah Super Soul.

With Oprah’s Super Soul, you awaken, learn about, and reconnect to the deeper significance of the environment around you. Hear Oprah’s personal picks from her conversations with thought-provoking people, bestselling authors, spiritual giants, and health and wellness professionals. All intended to uplift you, assist you through life’s major questions, and move you a closer to your finest selves.

Nada Karame 05/11/2022  
General thoughts about all of Oprah’s podcasts  
In all honesty, Oprah’s podcasts are so heartfelt and I’ve had so many of what she calls “Ah ha” moments!!!! Its touched my soul on every level. I’ve laughed along, I’ve cried, I’ve experienced other people pain, along with my own. Its helped me along my own journey so very much🙏🏻 Thank you for creating such an amazing platform that is so beneficial to anyone who is searching!!!!

5. Second life.

motivational podcasts for women

“Hillary Kerr, the creator of Who What Wear, conducts interviews with prominent women who revolved their professional paths midway in their careers in Second Life. The enlightening and open discussions reveal the extraordinary backstories of some of today’s most influential founders and executives, including Jen Atkin, a celebrity hairstylist and founder of the haircare brand Ouai, Carla Hall, a TV personality and cookbook author, and Sarah Gibson Tuttle, the founder and CEO of Olive & June.

Adellacasa 11/27/2021 
Educational, escapism, expertise… everything!
When I have time, this podcast is such a special part of my day. The guests are so inspirational and yet somehow relatable and vulnerable, thanks in large part to Hillary’s interview skills. The stories shared are really special.

6. Our body politic.

best podcasts for women

The award-winning journalist Farai Chideya is the creator and host of the unashamedly focused news program Our Body Politic, which focuses on the impact of current political events on women of color. Because all issues are women’s issues, each week’s programs include in-depth discussions about the economics, health, politics, education, environment, and the most pressing challenges. Every Friday, tune in on public radio stations throughout the nation and wherever you consume podcasts.

MagnoliaTiger 02/19/2022 
Very Informative 
I appreciate Farai for putting this together. I enjoy her facilitation and learn so much from her guests and topics each week.

7. Still buffering.

motivational podcasts for women

“With episode topics spanning from angsty poetry to the internet to college life, listen as sisters Sydnee McElroy, Teylor Smirl, and Rileigh Smirl (of the McElroy family universe of podcasts) tackle the question of what it’s like to be a teen. Although it would undoubtedly be educational for today’s youth, a strong dose of reminiscence makes it entertaining listening for ladies of all ages.”

You’re the sibs I didn’t have.
Love Sydnee from Sawbones so I can’t believe it took me ages to discover there was this whole other podcast over here! I have been catching up on your whole library of pst episodes and it’s a treasure trove of content. I really love all your different perspectives because of your different experiences in life. It’s amazing to hear what you have to say about everything from Sailormoon to Taylor Swift to Strongbad to Schitts Creek! I’m blown away. I’m an instant fan. Love you all!

8. Womanica

best podcasts for women

When we were young and taking history lectures, we only had one query: Where are the ladies? I present Womanica. Learn about many remarkable women from history in just 5 minutes per day. We’re presenting the tales of women you might or might not know, but you should on the award-winning podcast from Wonder Media Network.

Creative Allotment 06/10/2022
Big Fan
I love this podcast because it’s just the perfect length and really helps my understanding of how much women have truly contributed. It’s podcast perfection.

9. The Well Woman Show

motivational podcasts for women

High-achieving, successful women who have conquered worry, fatigue, and insecurity to become healthy, content, and strong are interviewed by Giovanna Rossi. As female leaders, business owners, mothers, daughters, and sisters, we discuss the difficulties and victories we have faced. In the “Just Giovanna” episodes, she offers counseling and insights based on feminism, mindfulness, and her more than 20 years of experience helping women take their power and live joyfully and easily. A Well Woman is motivated to accomplish her highest degree of well-being, whether it is in terms of physical or mental health, managing life, work, and family, career advancement, or financial success.

[email protected] 04/13/2021 
Priceless Content
Giovanna does such a good job covering a variety of topics. The show is filled with beautiful insights and wit. Her guests offer awesome advice as well. I would recommend this show to anyone looking to be inspired!

10. Side hustle pro.

best podcasts for women

Courageous black women entrepreneurs who transitioned from a side gig to a successful business is highlighted by Side Hustle Pro. For your weekly episode of Side Hustle Pro, join Chief Side Hustler and full-time entrepreneur Nicaila Matthews Okome. You’ll learn practical tips for getting started no matter where you are or who you are. On Side Hustle Pro, interviews with powerful black women business owners are featured.

Curiosity.kills 05/05/2022 
Thank you so much for producing this content! It’s so motivating and inspiring. Listening to this podcast has inspired me to tap into my creativity and take a leap of faith to start a side hustle this summer. I’m really excited, and this podcast really helps me stay motivated when I hear other women’s stories.

11. Going through it.

The podcast Going Through It discusses how challenging it may be to decide whether to give up and when to press on. Jenny Yang, a comedian, gets down alongside 15 guests this season to discuss their Going Through It experiences and how unanticipated advice from a parent, grandparent, or elder helped them traverse the crucial times which have shaped their lives, jobs, and relationships.

Amanduh Jane 
Jenny Yang brings perspective and balance
Absolutely love Jenny Yang as a host for this show! Episodes are the perfect mix of levity and deep moments. Short format is nice too, easy to listen to and easier to remember the bits of wisdom

12. Black girl in om

motivational podcasts for women

This podcast offers a cozy embrace, calming realness, and thoughtful women chat. With the goal of healing us from the inside out, Black Girl In Om exists to support & heal black women and women of color worldwide on their individual wellness journeys. Come have a discussion on self-love and self-care, spiritual awakening, multigenerational healing, and other topics with our founder, Lauren Ash, with wellbeing and Spirit-centered guests from a variety of sectors.

AnissaRenae 01/29/2021 
Love love love this podcast 
I’ve never experienced such a peaceful, informative, and loving podcast like this one. From the voices of the host and the guest, the content, to the timing, this podcast is such a beautiful and enlightening place. 10/10.

13. Maintenance phase.

The brilliant author Aubrey Gordon, who created the podcast You’re Wrong About, and Michael Hobbes work together like a hero team to expose the myths and dubious science that underlie popular diets and weight-loss fads. It’s funnier and more educational than anything a diet-obsessed person ever told you. Let it alienate you, or at the very least let it encourage you to indulge in packed ice cream.

leahkernrd 07/01/2022
Aubrey and Mike- as an anti-diet dietitian, I am so grateful for the research and labor you put into this incredible free resource. I send episodes to many of my clients. Thank you for all that you do

14. Life, I swear

motivation podcasts for women

Life, I Swear, hosted by Chloe Dulce Louvouezo, features insights from Black women regarding hardships that have aided their healing, connection, and processing. In this follow-up to her book, Chloe continues to share discussions and personal poetry about real-life experiences that provide insights when viewed through the eyes of Black women.

Topalina16 05/20/2021
What a thought provoking and captivating show!
Chloe has a way of bringing people on the show who you didn’t know you needed to hear from. The stories she brings somehow leave your life richer and filled with gratitude. She listens , connects and oozes so much compassion. These stores are so emotional , captivating and always relatable , Chloe gives her guest a safe place to share these all so important stores. Thank you for bringing these stores to life.

15. The Hey, Girl.

podcasts for women

The voices of outstanding women from close as well as far are united by THGP. The book was written by Alex Elle with the idea of sisterhood and storytelling in mind. The hey, girl. guests, who range from friends to family members and complete strangers, give us a glimpse into their lives through open and sincere dialogues.

awareofmindfulness 07/15/2021 
Hey, Girl!
I have binged (listened) to each episode from the beginning. This year I decided to listen to podcast as a better form of entertainment vs tv. Im so happy I did. Listening to Alex's podcast has been a life saver. I have laughed, cried, felt inspired, you name it. Listening to this podcast makes me feel seen and heard with SO many relatable stories. Its a true testament of sisterhood and community for those of us who don't have much of a social life. Im so happy I get to listen to women who look like me or who have similar stories, all from different walks of life. Its amazing. 

Till next time.

Great podcasts a excellent resource at your disposal with you can harness to learn valuable strategies and tactics to help you through life.

What are you waiting for, add podcasts to your resource list woman.


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