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Committing to these not-so-easy skills to learn will be challenging but it will pay you for a lifetime. These skills are a necessary helpmate in your everyday life, easing your stress and making light of your life tasks and challenges. The best way is to identify areas we naturally have an edge over and expand on those areas while seeking means to uncover the areas you can also build up.

 I love these skills because they do not require any brain-racking but a simple desire to learn and improve on them. Do this, and watch them bring in returns to you all your life.

Be consistent.

Consistency is King.

You become best as something only when you do it repeatedly. Athletes become experts when they continually practice, sticking to a consistent practice pattern. With all honesty, consistency is not so easy to learn and abide by always, but it is a primary skill of success you should learn if success is your desire.

If you miss it once, don’t miss it twice.                                     

To help you be consistent, keep a calendar on the activity you intend to improve your consistency on.

I do this on several activities I want to improve my consistency on, it helps because I check my progress, grade my performance and devise means to improve my consistency while sticking to achieving the primary goal. I call it my consistency check. Download my format.


Say you intend to improve your consistency on how many hours you spend reading daily, and how many hours of violin practice daily.

Let’s say you practice consistency, how does that help you? It makes you an expert in whatsoever activity you are consistent on.

Imagine how much knowledge you’d have if you are consistent with your daily reading goals.

How much weight loss or tone your muscles will be if you were consistent with your exercise and diet.

How improved your swimming would be, if you went for practice every four days in a week as instructed.

The return on investment consistency offers is beyond measurable; it goes on and on.

The more you do, the more you can get out of what you do.

Consistency ROI never decreases or stays fixed. However, it continually increases, offering you a higher percentage ROI compared to last month. Consistency is a not-so-easy skill to learn that will pay you every day.

 Continue and one day you will be called an “expert”.


What is stopping you from being consistent?

Don’t leave words meant to be said to chance. Speak up!

Speak up.

As a woman, you must learn to speak up.

The time to speak up is not the time to speak in hush tones or keep quiet hoping someone else speaks up; the time to speak up is when you must speak up in boldness, confidence and clarity.  


Believe in want you know because your belief in yourself radiates through the tone of your voice. People listen more to someone who generates power with their own words compared to someone who sounds damped and unconvinced of their words.

Have something to say at that meeting?

Go ahead and say it; speak with authority.

Imagine others bearing the cross of unfairness because you refused to speak up.

Imagine bearing an unfavourable condition because you refused to speak up for yourself.

Imagine being displaced when you knew the solution but kept quiet because you were unsure.

When you know what to say, silence is a lie.

There are times your voice is what the void needs to fill up- Learn to speak up, woman.

Seize complaints.

I resist camping around complainers; continuous complaints dampen the mood and destroy morale.

Complaints pass a wave of mental tiredness, weakening our ability to perform. When you engage in incessant complaints you not only damage your resolve to the situation but also negatively affect the energy of others around you.

The expected reaction to a stressor is complaints- bitter complaints, so train your brain to resist complaining when in such a situation; you are better quiet than raining down bitter complaints upon your mind making you feel terrible and weakened afterwards.

When you catch yourself in the act of a charade of complaints, ease it immediately.

Tell yourself “I need to find a solution and not complain”. Then launch to find the solution. If the solution is beyond you, let it slide; complaining would not make the situation go away it only decreases your morale.

Imagine someone who spends 3-4 hours complaining about a problem that he can solve. At the end of the day, the problem still stares her in the face, but her morale is weakened.

She failed to identify the solution to the problem because she was not looking for the solution, her focus was on identifying reasons to complain harder.

To succeed in life, your primary reaction to a stressor should be a way out and not complaints. Eliminating complaints from your life is a not-so-easy skill to learn but it will continue paying off.

easy skills to learn


This 6 lettered word can save you.

Learn to listen. As much as there is a time to speak up; there is also a time to listen. A time to use your ears and your eyes.

A popular proverb says we have two ears and one mouth for a reason. For every two words you speak, you listen.

Listening involves seeking to understand, seeking to connect, seeking to relate and not merely listening to reply. There are times all you need to do is listen, speaking at that moment can be damaging.

Listen to people because you are concerned about them, you care for them, and you want to understand the message they are attempting to pass to you.

Listening also involves taking note of nonverbal cues like body language, eye movement, facial expressions, and voice tone. Etc. When you can harness this powerful listening skill, you can discover information no one else is noticing, elevating your chances of success.


According to the University of Maine at Fort Kent, listening involves three A’s.

  • Attitude,
  • Attention, and
  • Adjustment

Listening is a conscious activity based on three basic skills: attitude, attention, and adjustment. These skills are known collectively as triple-A listening.

Practice active listening to improve your listening skills.

Time Management.

The success of every activity lies in your skill of time management. Time management is a prerequisite for success, you must know how to abide by time to be successful.

How can you manage your time well?

The skill of time management sips through your personal life, your business, your career, your family- every single thing.

This screams how time is crucial to your success, you cannot afford to overlook learning this crucial skill. 

Time management is the sole enforcer of the work-life balance.

Knowing when to do what and for how long.

If you find yourself doing the right thing at the wrong time, it means you are failing to manage your time well. The right thing must always fit into the right time and not replace the time allotted for another activity.


Let’s look at some ways to manage time effectively:

Set goals correctly. Set goals that are achievable and measurable.

Prioritize wisely.

Set a time limit to complete a task.

Take a break between tasks.

Organize yourself.

Remove non-essential tasks/activities.

Plan ahead.

Be true to yourself.

To thy own self be true. Socrates.

At every point in your life be true to yourself, avoid doing anything that goes against your true nature.

Reading “The House that Jack Ma built”, one important lesson I learnt from Jack Ma’s story is; “Your values can save you”. Your values exist to guide your decisions and your behavior.

You can decline an invitation, a deal, or a partnership that is capable of instantly changing your life, but in the long run you will be glad you did.

In the line of success, you must abide by certain laid down rules placed there before you to ease the uncertainty surrounding your success journey. Know when to leave, know when to say no, know when to never return.

Do not sell your values for a sterling or gold.

 Learn this skill and watch how it saves you in skeptical times.


easy skills to learn


Check out the blog post on how to live in confidence

I love when people how to be confident. Confidence is a beautiful thing, it drives out any room for fear or timidity. Confidence is a must-know skill for success.

People who do great things are usually confident people: confident in their voice, in their ideas, in their business, in their strength, in themselves.

Not everyone is born with confidence however, you can groom your confidence to the level it never fades.

Confidence involves an unwavering feeling or thought of capability. It entails standing tall even amid jeers. Confidence also entails your ability to bounce back immediately after a blow. Confidence is pushing yourself on when the easiest thing to do is back out.


Confidence comes from feelings of well-being, acceptance of your body and mind (your self-esteem) and belief in your ability, skills and experience. To enjoy the benefits of this skill, you must build your confidence.

Forgive others.

Forgiving others after they have wronged you can be challenging for some especially when the offender shows no remorse and is adamant in their stance. Forgiving others is a not-so-easy skill but learn, but it is recommended that you learn this helpful skill to go far.

Unforgiveness heavies the heart, it clutters up the mind with resentment and anger making it challenging for you to be productive. To be rid of a heavy heart, you must learn to forgive your offenders.

Desist from recounting their wrongdoing, it only maximizes the choking effect of unforgiveness.

Let go of hurt, learn to go of the offence, let go of anger. When you become able to do this without difficulty you notice how easily your heart opens to new ideas. Do not let the wrong behavior of another affect your happiness and productivity. To do this, you must learn to forgive others swiftly.


Recognize the value of forgiveness and how it can improve your life.

Acknowledge your emotions about the harm done to you and how they affect your behaviour, and work to release them.

Choose to forgive the person who’s offended you.

Move away from your role as a victim and release the control and power the offending person and situation have had in your life.

easy skills to learn


Putting yourself in someone’s shoes.

When you understand another person’s experience by imagining yourself in that other person’s situation you are being empathetic. Empathy is the ability to emotionally understand what other people feel, see things from their point of view, and imagine yourself in their condition.

It is beneficial to be empathetic because it helps you understand how others are feeling so you can respond appropriately to the situation, there is lots of research showing that greater empathy leads to more helping behavior.

Know how to use your instincts.

Following our instincts can make the crucial distinction between “What you are good at” (our vocation or skill set) and “what we are good for” (the fulfillment of our purposeful potential). Are you in sync with your inner wisdom about your strength, abilities, talents and unique contribution to the world?

“People who accomplish massive feats don’t play by man-made rules. They are trend-setters and game-changers”. Know where you are going and where you belong. TD-Jakes.

Decode your instincts, your instincts know truths that can enhance your performance and improve your productivity.

Until next time.

These skills require long-term dedication and practice to become efficient as them.

The good news is they will forever be with you. These not-so-easy skills will help you succeed in your everyday dealings and improve your interactions and connection with others. Start today to learn them. The earlier you start, the earlier your payments start.


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